Licensed or skippered boats

Boat rental with a professional captain or for sailors with a License  


Be your own Skipper

Unlicensed boat rentals in el Arenal, Palma de Mallorca.  

One knot away from paradise

Spend the perfect day on your boat

Paradise is close at hand. At home, we have a lot to boast about.
In Mallorca you can find beaches, coves and natural landscapes of such a wide and beautiful diversity that will provoke in you an ineffable feeling. Why not explore the island aboard our boats? With Arenal Boat Charter you will be able to feel the purest essence of a Mallorca you'll want to live in, because there is not only one.

We invite you to share the swaying on board and feel the Tramontana breeze on your face, smell the aroma of saltpetre, the sound of the waves against the rocks and the endless stories of conquests and reconquests: you, our Mediterranean, the best coves of the island and us.

Do you need anything else to enjoy your holidays?